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Complete Episode Guide

Other than just giving you an episode guide, I have rated each episode. Some DS episodes were poor reflected with "1" scores, while the really best episodes are rated with "5"

Season 1-                                       All Directed By Herbert Kenwirth

1. Movin In   5/5 Written By Ben Starr. This is the first ever episode were Arnold 8 and Willis 12 move in with Drummond, Kimberly and new housekeeper Mrs Garret. Lucy requested to Drummond on her deathbed that he look after the boys.

2. The Social Worker   5/5 Writer Budd Grossman. A Social Worker checks out on how the boys are settling in. When Arnold overhears Drummond repeating "black children belong with black famalies", they decide they want to leave. The couple who nearly adopt them are the Thompsons.

3. Mother's Last Visit   5/5. Mr Drummond's mother visits and is unimpressed at her new gransons. According to Drummond, there were 2 things he forgot to tell her. "One they're here, Two they're black!" Eventually, she learns what is really important in a person.           

4. The Spanking   5/5 Writers Fred S Fox & Seaman Jacobs. Arnold drops waterbombs out of the balcony window and is to be spanked as a punishment. He runs away. Eventually when he is found, Willis insists on being the one to spank him and in doing so leans an important lesson. NOTE- When Gary Coleman is in the water in this episode, and takes off his jumper- it is possible to see a large scar.
5. Prep School   5/5. Writers Alan Rosen, Fred Rubin & Michel Russnow. Drummond wants Willis and Arnold to go to his private school " Digby." After showing them pictures, he persuaids them to meet the headteacher. Having enjoyed the school, the boys are dissapointed to find that they failed the schools entry test, so decide to give him the Head a piece of his own mind...       

6. Goodbye Dolly   4/5 Writer Albert E Lewin. Willis teases Arnold for still sleeping with a doll "Homer." Arnold insists that he can give up his doll so Willis gives it away to Kimberly's sale, and it is sold for 10 cents. Arnold can't sleep without it and keeps the whole family awake, so Drummond hires a Private Detective Miles Monroe plated by Jack Riley. At the end, Arnold learns saying goodbye is part of life.

7. The Trial   5/5. Arnold causes all kinds of trouble and vows to stay out of it. Minutes later, he is accused of putting his goldfish Abraham in Drummond's Hot Tub. Willis insists that Arnold has a fair trial with Mrs Garret as judge, and he also insists on teaching Mr D a lesson...

8. The Fight   5/5 Writer Sandy Veith. Arnold is being bullied at school by "The Gooch." Willis teaches Arnold some fighting moves while Drummond insists that more calm methods should be used. When Arnold does stand up for himself, Drummond and Willis argue with Willis threatning to leave until a little heat to heart with his brother. NOTE- This is the first mention of The Gooch. He is never actually seen in an episode.  

9. The Club Meeting   5/5 Writers Tom and Helen August. Willis is feeling homesick and missing his old Neighbourhood club in Harlem. Kimberly comes up with the idea of Willis inviting his friends over. Having just been told by Kimberly that everything in the penthouse is "their's", Willis tries to flaunt his wealth to his friends and says that Drummond bought him a Limo for Christmas. I the end his frinds walk out on him and he realises frindship is the most important thing. NOTE- This is the first appearence of Antony Tompkins as Wilis's friend Vernon.

10. The Woman   5/5. Drummond introduces "Dianne Sloan" to everyone and admits that he plans to ask her to marry him. Although first liking her, the kids learn that her children are at Boarding school and worry that they will be sent away. They try to come up with a plan to get rid of her, but when Drummond hears of her plans- they have no need to. NOTE- This is the first of many failed relationships Drummond would face on the show.

11. No Time For Arnold   5/5 Writer Albert E Lewin. With everyone busy, Arnold is fed up with not getting any attention. Whilst reading Drummond's medical books, he decided to pretend that he has wet the bed to try and get noticed. When Willis finds out, he pretends no to mind, but he does have a trick up his sleeve...

12. The Relative   4/5 Writers Fred S Fox & Seaman Jacobs. Willis and Arnold get a surprice visit from a cousin they didn't know about from Detroit. When she sees how well the boys are living, she decided that she should join them and fakes an injury- only to realise that she is doing the wrong thing. Guest starring LAwanda Page.

13. The Tutor   5/5 Writer Sandy Veith. Willis' grades at school are bad, so he is told that he cannot play on the school Basketball Team until they pick up, although he has just made captain. Drummond hires a Tutor Danny, who seems to laid back for Drummond's liking, although in the end, he sees him as a great teacher. NOTE- Willis has a memory block for the year 1975- when his father died.

14. The New Landloard   4/5. Writer Norman Libberman. The building is taken over by a new Landloard- Charles Sutton. When he finds out that Arnold is breaking the buildings age rules, the family desperatly tries to think of ways to persuade him that Arnold is older. In the end, a document lets the family stay. NOTE- Jack Riley guest stars for a 2nd time as Landloard Charles Sutton.

15. Willis' Privacy   5/5. Writes Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin. Willis is fed up with Arnold getting in his way. First, he ruins his photo project and then annoys him. They decide the only thing to do is to split the room in half, until Arnold realises how much he misses his brother who is spending time away.

16. Christmas Retrospective Part 1   4/5 Writers Howard Leeds, BenStarr, Martin Cohan. Mr Drummond cannot sleep so he enters the boys room to talk Joined by Mrs Garret and Kimberly, the family remember moments of the boys in the house. This is the first of a 2-part special with other episode highlights. NOTE- Originally aired as a 1-hour special.

17. Christmas Retrospective Part 2   4/5 Writers Howard Leeds, BenStar, Matin Cohan. The family get up in the middle of the night and continue to discuss the past with more clips from previos episodes.

18. Mrs Garret's Crisis   5/5 Writer Karl Gold Meller. After an evening with some friends, Mrs Garret feels that her life as a housekeeper is unforfilling and so decided to leave and get another job. But after talking to the boys, she decides that she has a very important job already.

19. The Job   5/5. Willis wants to get some Disco Skates and wants to earn the money to do so, although he doesn't want to get any help from Drummond. He gets a job at a car garrage and gets fired on his first day- and is determind not to share his secret.

20. Getting Involved   4/5. Arnold is on the balcony and witnesses a hold-up with "a man in a dress." Everyone dismisses Arnold's story, although when it turns out to be true he is seen as a hero. When he plans to identify the robber in a police line-up, he recieves a threatning calls and Drummond decides not to let him participate- but Willis and Arnold have other ideas...

21. The Trip Part 1   5/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. The Drummond's are unsure of what they should do for spring break. Then Drummond gets a phone call from Portland- his old army buddy Larry Alder. It turns out Drummond has bought Larry's radio station, but Drummond finds out that his company ha planned to auotomate the station. He decided the whole family should go to Portland to meet up, and so ends up playing houseguest to an old friend who he has to fire. NOTES- Hello Larry was a sitcom starring Mclean Stevenson, Joanne Gleeson, Kim Richards and Donna Wilks on NBC made by Tandem. It was suffering in the ratings, so his was the first in 3 crossovers with DS. Mrs Garret goes to see hr sister Beverly in Seattle- who later went on to replace her in Facts Of Life.

22. The Trip Part 2   5/5. The Drummons become houseguests in Larry's apparement. After seeing his home and a poem from the kids, Drummond decides to keep the station as it is.

23. Willis' Birthday   5/5. Willis is hurt when he thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday. Drummond has remembered, and he is granted a party in Harlem. However, when Drummond tells Willis that he doesn't intend on going, Willis decided to cancel the party. Drummond changes his mind and the whole family enjoy a party in Vernon's appartement in Harlem. NOTES- Willis turns 14. Vernon's mum is played by Bettly Bridges, Todd's real life mum.

24. The Girls School   4/5 Writers Leeds, Starr. Kimberly is fed up with the preassure her new headteacher Mr Crocker "The Crock" is putting her and her class under. Mrs Garret goes to her school to help out for the day and to take on the pushy principal. Having helped at the school, Mrs Garret is offered the job as House-mother although she turns it down. NOTES- This was the pilot for the highly succesful spinoff "The Facts Of Life." Although Mrs Garret says she will not join, she only appeared in another 8 episodes in season 2 before moving on. The school is called Eastlake, not Eastland in this pilot. Jack Riley guests for the 3rd time in the season. The girls featured are Blair, Tootie, Sue-Ann, Nancy, Molly.

Season 2         All Directed By Gerren Keith
25. Arnold's Hero   5/5. Writers Leeds, Star, Cohan. Arnold is delighted when Drummond tells him that his friend can arrange for him to meet his hero Muhamed Ali. Arnold promises all his school friends including the Gooch that he will get his autograugh for them, but is then dissapointed to find out that Ali can't make it. Willis and Kimberly come up with an idea to ensure that Atnold will meet his hero after all! NOTES- This was a rare sitcom appearence for legendary fighter Muhammed Ali.

26. Arnold's Girlfirend Part 1   4/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Arnold needs his appendix out and is frightended of the forthcoming opperation. He feels better when he meets a girl called Alice who he can room with for the operation, the daughter of Fred Tanner who Drummond is considering doing business with. NOTES- Originally a 1-hour season opener.

27. Arnold's Girlfriend Part 2   4/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. When Arnold and Alice find out they can't share a room together, they run away back to the Penthouse- with Arnold's life hanging in balance.

28. Feudin and Fussin Part 1   5/5 Writers Leeds, Star, Cohan. Drummond's friend Ted Green tells him that he needs a new host for his daytime talk show. Arnold comes up with the idea of Larry Alder in Portland. He and his family minus Dianne fly to New York were Larry gets ready to test his abbilities as a host on a live talkshow! NOTES- This is the 2nd crossover with Hello Larry. It is a different actress playing Dianne.

29. Feudin and Fussin Part 2   5/5. Larry is left with egg on his face when the guests for his chatshow including Medowlark Lemon become unavailable, and he is left with Arnold and Ruthie to interview. His show is a big success and he is offered the job, until he has second thoughts about leaving Portland.

30. Mrs Garret's Romance   5/5. Mrs Garret is dating someone she met at evening school, Leon. After a romantic date, she is shocked to recieve a marriage proposal and is left with big descisions to make- while everyone else is shocked about his age!

31. Adoption Part 1   5/5 Written By Alan Rosen and Fred Rubin. Arnold and Willis are all ready to be adopted for real by Drummond. Meanwile, a junkyard dealer Jethro Simpson finds a will from a "Morten Ridley" who left all his money to the Jacksons in his will. Jethro decideds to pose as a relative and look after the boy's money for them, and take them away from the Drummonds.

32. Adoption Part 2   5/5 Writers Alan Rosen and Fred Rubin. Willis and Arnold look set to move away from the Drummonds, until some research is done to find that Jethro impson isn't all he said he was. NOTE Willis and Arnold become legally adopted but keep the name Jackson.

33. Birds and Bees   5/5 Writer Edd Jurist. The new neighbour of the Drummond's is pregnanat which causes Arnold to raise all kinds of questions. Drummond ponders how to tell Arnold the facts of life to stop him thinking that salmon makes a woman pregnant, but Willis jumps in and sets his mind at rest.

34. Father and Son Day   5/5 Willis becomes determind to beat his rival James at the YMCA at the Father and Son contest. When he doesn't think Drummond is going to be good enough, Willis decideds to pretend he doesn't have a dad to get a substitute- only to end up hurting himself and Drummond. They do however end up having a great time in the contest together. Guest Starring Reggie Jackson. NOTE- This is the first of many appearences in different roles of Erik Moses as James.

35. The Rivals   5/5.Writer Albert E Lewin. Arnold is knocked off his feet by a girl at school, Lurleen. When she comes round to the house, her attention soon turns towards Willis and Arnold is convinced that his brother has stolen his woman. When Willis finds out what's been going on, he soon puts things right.

36. Thanksgiving Crossover Part 1   5/5 Writers Leeds, Star, Cohan. The Drummonds and the Alders get together in New York once again for Thanksgiving. Larry has a TV deal proposal for Drummond, but when he is forced to overturn his board and turn down his friend's deal- the pair look set never to make up. NOTE- This is the 3rd and final crossover with Hello Larry.

37. Thanksgiving Crossover Part 2   5/5. Drummond tries to make up with Larry who is fuming over the TV deal. After several insults and going out in the snow, it is left up to the kids to get their fathers back together.

38. Hot Watch   5/5. Mrs Benson who lives next to the Drummons has her watch stolen. When Willis and Arnold find the watch, they need to hide it and find a safe way to return it without the finger of blame pointing to them.
39. A Dog Story   5/5. Arnold becomes a hero when he saves a dog that runs out into the road. The others worry that it was a rabid dog and it has bitten Arnold so it must be tracked down at all costs.

40. Election   5/5. After speaking to his frind Jerry Fuller, Drummond decideds to run in the council elections. He has the suport of his whole family, including new housekeeper Adelaide Brubaker. NOTES- This is the first appearence of the 2nd housekeeper Adelaide Brubaker. Drummond says on the phone that the other housekeeper (Mrs Garret) has just left. 

41. Friendly Mate   5/5. Drummond is feeling lonely without a female companion, so Arnold and Willis decide to set him up with a dating agency. But when Drummond arranges a blind date, he is left with 2 dates and Willis and Arnold are left with a lot of explaining to do!

42. Big Bussiness   5/5. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan, Jurist. Willis and Arnold decide to go into business to make extra money, selling Adelaide's fudge brownies. When they become a success, they start their own business 2The Jackson 2."Problems occur when Adelaide quites and the boys become greedy and fire Kimberly- leaving them to make them themselves.

43. Poor Drummond   5/5. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan, Jurist.  Everybody is ready to go on a trip to Calafornia, when Drummond suddeny becomes in danger of loosing his fortune on a business deal. Just on the verge of going broke, Drummond manages to get the loan. But meanwile, Arnold and Willis have gone to apply for welfare.

44. Return Of The Gooch   5/5 Writers Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin. Arnold is being bullied again by the Gooch. This time, he decides to protect himself by taking Karate lessons. He practices on Willis he humoars him, leaving Arnold to believe he has a killer foot and to chalenge th Gooch to a fight.

45. Valentine's Day Retrospective   4/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. It's Valentines day and the kids decide to wite Drummond a poem, and take him to the Circus as a "treat!" Arnold wants his superman costume, so him and Willis go into the basement, not knowing that the door is locked right behind them. NOTE- This episode contains clips from other episodes including Arnold's Girlfriend, The Fight and the Rivals.

46. Teacher's Pet   5/5 Writers Sand Veith and Donald Ross. On parent teacher night, Drummond meets Arnold's teacher Nancy Osborn and instantly falls in love with her. As a result of the two dating, Dudley and Robbie make Arnold steel the test paper to proove he's "one of the guys" following a whole load of pranks. NOTES- Mary Ann Mobley guest stars as Nancy Osborn, later on she would go on to play Maggie in the final season. This is the first appearences of Shavar Ross and Steven Mond.

47. Skin Deep Or True Blue   4/5 Writers Sandy Veith & Donald Ross. Kimberly is crazy about a new guy Roger, and Willis takes a shine to his sister. However, when Roger finds out that Willis is black, he demands that the double date be canacaled- while Kimberly's face "changes colour" with anger of her date being racist.

48. The Slumber Party   5/5. Writers Fred S Fox & Seaman Jacobs. Drummond is going out on a hot date with an English lady Valerie Hunter. He leaves Willis incharge of the apartement and the sleepover he is holding. The appartement turns into a battle ground when Kimberly and her friends return home from their party unexpectedly- leaving Drummond on a double date with a telaphone! NOTES- Natalie, Tootie, Molly and Nancy from Facts Of Life gust star.

49. The Will   4/5. Writer Albert E Lewin. Arnold gets all excited about his goldfishes forthcoming birthday.It soon turns into a funeral when Adelaide finds Abraham dead, but how can they break the news to Arnold and how do you hold a fish funeral? NOTE- Abraham dies and Arnold gets a new Goldfish.  

50. The Squeeler   5/5. Writers Rosan, Rubin, Jurist. Willis is delighted when he is accepted into a club the "tarantulers." He is less than happy when Drummond refuses to let him in the gang and so decides to go behind is back...and ends up in prison.

Season 3

51. The Magician   5/5. A magazine wants to do an article on the Drummonds, and as part of it take some pictures of Kimberly dancing and Willis playing sports with Edd "Too Tall" Jones. Arnold decides to not be out numberd by doing a magical dissapearing act, onto the ledge of the balcony! 
52. The Bank Job Part 1   5/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. The family are going to a theme park, including Tootie who Arnold wants to impress. On the way there, he and Willis stop in the bank and things start to go badly wrong when they are taken hostage by robbers along with a whole load of customers. NOTES- This was the first episode to have a set of a street. This was originally a 1-hour special to open the 3rd season. Kim Fields makes her fist solo appearence as Tootie from the Facts Of Life. 
53. The Bank Job Part 2   5/5 Writers .Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Drummond desperatley tries to save Wilis and Arnold by offering himself and his company jet as hostages- but the robbers have other ideas. 

54. Football Father   5/5 Writers Sandy Veith & Donald Ross. Arnold is determind to do well at a sport, so has a try out for the football team, only to be heart-broken not to get in. Drummond decides to bribe the football coach to let him on the team, although he soon becomes very concerned at the man being a junior "coach." NOTES- Willis does not appear for the first time. Le Tari plays Dudley's dad Ted Ramsey for the first time.

55. Small Claims Court   3/5. Writer Edd Jurist. Arnold takes up the job of walking dogs to raise some money to buy an train engine that he wants. The train turns out to be faulty and he is not offered a refund- he decides to take his case to small claims court.

56. Substitute Mother   4/5. Adelaide goes away and leaves a substitute housekeeper. Arnold soon decides he likes her as she reminds him of his mother. He also decides he wants her to become his real mother, as he desperatly tries to set her up to become "Mrs Drummond."

57. The Accident Part 1   4/5. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. It's Drummonds 50th birthday, and to celebrate everyone decides to go on a trip to Disneyworld. When Drumond goes to buy the tickets, he is involved in a car accident and is left in bed not remembering anything about his children. NOTE- Drummond turns 50.
58. The Accident Part 2   4/5 Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Drummond still can't remember anything espite the best efforts of Kimberly, Willis, Arnold, Adelaide and lawyer Tom Bishop. He faces the prospec of loosing his company and his children unless he can remember. Episode Mistake- Drummond says in this episode that he grounded Willis and Arnold when they tried to run away in the first episode, which is not at all true. NOTE- A rare mention of Drummond's first wife as Kimberly shows him a photo.

59. Count Your Blessings   4/5. Writers Marshall Goldberg, John Donely. Arnold gets a whole class photo done, however he is not visible in it due to his size. Drummond suggests that he gets some tests done to see how tall he'll become, but when he finds out he'll only be 5 feet he becomes depressed. Drummond soon shows him others are worse off, by inviting round his friend and her daughter Kathy, only to leave Arnold realising how lucky he is. NOTE- This is the first of 4 appearences of Melanie Watson as Kathy Gordon, 1 episode eachin the next 4 seasons. All her episodes were written by Marshall Goldberg. Although the episode credits Marshall Goldberg as writer, the original script credits 3 writers.

60. Little Mother   5/5. Writer Jerry Winnick. Kimberly's friend Michelle and her dad are coming to visit. Kimberly becomes shocked to find that her long term friend is pregnant, but not as shocked as Willis and Arnold who are convinced Kimberly is the one expecting. NOTE- This is the first of several appearences of Kimberly's friend Michelle, although the baby was never mentioned again. Jerry Winnick also write a Facts Of Life episode about a teenage mother.

61. First Love   5/5. Willis is staying up late every night talking to his new love Charlene (Janet Jackson) on the phone. Drummond demands that willis takes more time on schoolwork, but Wilis is so desperate to see her he decides he has to sneek out. NOTES- This is the first of several appearences for singing legand Janet Jackson as Charlene Duprey, Willis's girlfriend. Although the 2 always seemed close and talked of marriage, Willis dated other girls too. Charlene's dad is a policeman.

62. The Loan   4/5.Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Arnold becomes friendly with the Doorman who needs a loan to start up a limo business. He persuaids Arnold to lend him his savings, only to go and place it on a hoarse.

63. Roots   5/5. Willis's Harlem frinds accuse him of being a "honky" now that he eats strange foods and prenounces his words differently. As a result, Willis and Arnold decide to proove they are African Americans including dressing and eating differently, and desserting Drummond and Kimberly.

64. Junk Food Junkie   2/5. Drummond's health conciese sister Sophia shows up and convinces the family to start eating helathy, after Arnold just got 6 fillings at the dentist. Drummond is also annoyed to find out about the Junk food vending machines in Arnold's school, and decides they should be filled with healthy food instead. NOTES- This is Dody Goodman's first appearence as Drummond's sister Sophia who has just moved back to New York. The cast have to stop talking at one point when the audience don't stop laughing when Arnold has taken a bite out of a Donut.

65. The Bus   5/5. Arnold gets a great chance when an all white school do a special exchange of students. Things take a bad turn when Arnold recieves a racist phone call, and the rest of the students are also threatened leaving arnold with a big descision on whether to go back.

66. The Older Man   5/5 Writer Albert E Lewin. Kimberly is practasing a school play with Natalie and Blair when she realises the make up she wears can make her pass for 20. She decides to start dating older guys, starting with Willis and Arnold's Basketball buddy who is 25, and a date to the cinema with him does not go as planned. NOTES- Blair (Lisa Whelchel) and Natalie (Mindy Cohn) from the Facts of Life appear. Vedra Bridges (Todd's sister) also appears as a cinema guest.

67. Where There's Hope   4/5. Arnold is just about to turn 10 and is preparing for his birthday. A new neighbour who has just moved in is getting on his nerves, she played practical jokes all the time and Arnold is happy not to invite her to the party. Drummond soon finds out that the girl is ill must persuade arnold to invite her, before it's too late. NOTE- Arnold turns 10 years old.

68. Drummond's Fair Lady   4/5. Writer Howard Leeds. Drummond runs into oposition at work when he wants to hire a woman to do a job while the other people at the company want to hire a man. Kimberly is all in favour of a woman getting the job, until she overhears a conversation leading her to believe Drummond is being taken for a ride. NOTE- The 3 business partners of drummond are called Howard, Ben and Marty- all named after the producers.

69. Almost American   3/5. Writers Glenn Padnick, Leeds, Starr, Cohan. While Willis and Kimberly go to a hockey game, Arnold must stay as punishment for getting a D on a history test. hilst studying he meets an imigrat studying for american Citezanship at evening school, taught by mrs Arstrong. Things go worng when Ming Lee is accused of stealing from a hospital and is arrested and the whole class are in tension. NOTES- This was an unseccesful spinoff attempt based on the British sitcom "Mind Your Language." Rosalind Chao would later go ont to play Arnold's 6th grade teacher Miss Chung. The Drummonds only appear in the first and last scenes of this episode.

70.The Ancestors   4/5. Writer Edd Jurist. Drummond and his sister Sophia find out that they have inherited a prime piece of land in Harlem. They decide to donate it and build a community centre on it. However, whilst searching throught some old family treasures, they find that a distant relative was a black slave trader. Drummond and Sophia are faced with whether to continue with the project or confess all. NOTE- This episode has not been shown in either UK or America for some time, probably due to racial language used.

71. Room For One More   5/5. Writers Fred S Fox & Seaman Jacobs. Arnold must write a report about his favourite American and decides to choose Drummond. Meanwile at school, his best friend Dudley is depressed because his father is out of work and so Dudley faces the prospect of being taken away from his foster parents. He runs away to Arnold's house and ends up hiding in he closet, soon to come up with the idea for Drummond to adopt him. NOTES-Dudley is adopted and this is his 3rd foster family. Ted Ramsey gets employed by Drummond.

72. Growing Up   5/5. Willis's frends boast of their sexual exploits, and so he is convinced that it is his time to have sex with his girlfriend Charlene. With the house empty, both find themselves unsure of what to do next.

73. The Model   5/5. The kids go out to look for jos for the summer, Arnold and Willis get a job at a pizza place while Kimberly gets a job in a Department store. After just one day, she is offered the chance to medel in the store. She is offered a trip to model in Paris, and despite early doubts the family agrees- though Kimberlys actions begin to get on their nerves.

74. The Athlete   5/5. Willis is doing so well at Baseball that he is hunted down by a Coach Stockwood who want him to join his school's team next year. Drummond eventually agrees to Willis going to a far way school, until he sees Willis showered with gifts and finds out the Coach is breaking the law. A lively confrentation leads to Willis having to see things clearly,harshly.
Season 4
75. The Ski Weekend   4/5. Kimberly prepares to go away on a ski trip with her friend Michelle while Arnold goes to Adalaide's farm. Drumond becomes very overprotective of his daughter, and Kimberly is tired of him treating her like a child. She decides to rebel and goes to the ski trip knowing she will be sharing her room with 2 boys. Drumond with Willis decides to follow leading to confusion. NOTE- Gary Coleman appears in only the first and last scenes of the episode, he was on strike during a lot of the other shooting holding out for higher wages.
76. First Day Blues   5/5. Writer Bruce Taylor. It's Willis' first day at a new school. He becomes nervous about it and soon finds himself hanging out with a wrong and demanding crowd who demand that he gets some "grass" for a big party. Willis soon gets it, and tests it only to be confronted by Drummond leaving Willis to realise who true friends are. NOTES- For the first ever full episode, Gary Coleman is absent as he was still on strike. His role is taken over by Kim Fields from Facts Of Life, and it's obvious she has just taken a lot of Arnold's lines.
77. The Team   4/5. Willis is all for Drummond to hire a man just because he is black. But when Willis fins he is not on the Basketball team for a similar reason, he soon becomes angry and decides to take the matter to court. NOTES- Once more, Kim Fields is in place of Gary Coleman.
78. Hello Daddy   4/5. Drummond is shocked when a man turns up at the door claiming to be his son. A reunuion with a former love soon gives Drummond reasons to think. NOTES- Gary Coleman appears only briefly. Dudley has a sister.
79. The Big Heist   4/5. Writer Bruce Taylor.  Arnold is keen to get into an exclusive club at school run by the Gooch, but to do so Arnold learns he has to steal something. Despite Willis's warnings, Arnold goes ahead and does so and ends up in court. NOTE- Arnold steals a "Spiderman" comic worth 400 Dollars.
80. Double Date. Arnold finds himself becoming attracted to a girl who he hangs out with after school, so he decides to ask her out for his first real date. Drummond insists that he can olny go with supervision, ending up with Willis and Kimberly as Arnold's double dating partners. Arnold soon learns that a date isn't as easy as he thought.
81. Health Club. Writer Joe Bonaduce. Drummond is delighted to be aiming for the athlete of the year award at his sports club. He insists Willis and Arnold join him at the club, only they get turned away and Willis is convinced it is because of colour. Willis and Arnold are torn about whether they should let Drummond recieve an award at the club he loves so much or tell him the truth. NOTE- Writer Joe Bonaduce is father of The Partridge Family's Danny.
82. Jilted   3/5. Writer Edd Jurist. Charlene gets fed up with Willis taking her for granted so she decides to date someone else. Willis is heartbroken to loose Charlene but Arnold is convinced he has a scheme to get the pair back together.
83. Burial Ground   3/5. Drummond gets a complaint from a member of an Indian Tribe who insists that his new building site is covering an ancient Burial Ground. The man goes on hunger strike along with his people to save it, and so do Willis and Arnold who belive in minority rights
84. The Squatter   4/5. A woman turns up at the door claiming to have been left homeless after a plan from Drummond's company. After offering her help to find accomadation, the lady has other ideas like refusing to leave the appartement, and with a long plan insisting "You'll find out!"
85. Kathy   1/5. Writer Marshall Goldberg. Arnold is preparing to play Abraham Lincon in a school play. At first he is lead on by his friend Kathy, untlil he tries to persuade her walk leaving a shattered friendship and a lot of nerves from Arnold, but Kathy saves the day. NOTES- This is Melanie Watson's second appearence as Kathy. This is the episode when the audience gasp when Kathy walks on crutches.
86. Dreams   4/5. Drummond is forced to cancel a fishing trip due to a business trip. A series of bad drems follows for Arnold, at first Drummond thinks he is looking for attention, but after a doctor's opinion he realises that Arnold fears for him.
87. Fire   3/5. The Drummonds have a barbacue in their apparement, not knowing that a  fire has started not far below and that smoke has begun to fill the appartement.
88. The Car   4/5. Willis is jelous when he learns Charlene is ging to a concert with a guy who has a car. So not to be outdone, Willis arranges for the family to be out and for the Limo to be available. He ensures that he and Charlene end up having an unforgettable evening.
89. Crime Story Part 1   5/5. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Arnold and Dudley feel frightened of the school bullies who appear and demand their lunch and money. Sneaking out of school prooves to be unsuccesfull so Willis decides to step in and try and take control of things, leaving him in hospital. First in a 2 parter dealing with crime in schools.  
90. Crime Story Part 2   5/5. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. Arnold is greatful to Willis who returns home rom hospital and Drummond and Ted Ramsey consider methods to atch the bullies. The police want Arnold to go in an undercover operation, and despite Drummond's refusels- Arnold goes ahead with the plan.  
91. B.M.O.C   4/5. Willis feels the most important thing in his life is to be accepted into a club, and whilst trying to join he quites as Arnold's baseball coach and says he is fed up with babysitting him. Willis soon finds out that he should'nt have been as confident as he was, when he finds out the others have no intentions of letting him in the club.
92. Green Hair   5/5. Writer Albert E Lewin. Sophia tries to convince Drummond about the importance of air polution, but he refuses to take interest. When Kimberly washes her hair using Sophia's special shampoo and rain water, it turns green- leaving Kimberly speechless and frantic ahead of a big date and a view change for Drummond.
93. Have I got a Girl For You   4/5. Writer Martin Cohan. Sophia arranges for a young hairdresser she knows to come round and see Drummond, and hopes it will b a case of love at first site. Unknowing they were set up, the pair get together and have a lot of fun doing things like bowling. But when Drummond doesn't invite her to a posh party, the others are left to question his snobery.
94. Lifesavers   5/5. Writer Edd Jurist. Wilis is applying to get a part-time job at a car garrige, and whilst he is there a piano falls and nearly kills Arnold but he is rescued by Willis' quick thinking. Willis soon regrets being a "lifesaver" when Arnold doesn't leave him alone, flaunting him with gifts and love. Willis decides the only way to get even is to let Arnold save his life, and when a real hold up and fake hold up get confused a whole string of mishaps occur.
95. Stress? What Stress?   5/5. Writer Glenn Padnick. Drummond becomes diagnosed with stress and is told to cut back on work and do some special excersises. By using a machine, it is soon found out that Willis also has stress, and it becomes a large health risk when Willis insists on continuing with several school activities.
96. The Music Man   5/5. Willis has joined a new band called the "afrodisiacs" as lead singer, and lets Arnold become gopher. The band are lookiing for a new female singer, so Willis is certain that Charlene will be given the job. But when the band hear Kimberly sing and want her instead, Willis' relationship is put in trouble, only for Drummond to come up with an idea to keep everyone happy. NOTES- At the end, Willis, Kimberly and Charlene sing "Ebony and Ivory." Janet Jackson sings "The Magic is working."
97. On your Toes   4/5. Writer Albert E Lewin. Arnold is tired of being too small to play sports, but when he accompanies Kimberly to her Ballet lesson he learns that he wants to start taking classes. Willis is disgusted at Arnold taking up a "girls" activivty so insisits that he must drop ot of a forthcoming resitle.
98. Short But Sweet. Writers Leeds, Starr, Cohan. It's coming up to Arnold's 11th birthday and he tells Dudley that he doesn't want a party because of girls, they don't find him attractive because of his size. Arnold gets up the courage to ask a girl to his party, only to find that she missunderstood him and ended up going with someone else. Drummond is sure Arnold can show what a gentleman he is with some mannors and charm.
Season 5
99. Shoot out at the Ok Arcade   1/5. Writers Howard Leeds, Martin Cohan. Arnold becomes addicted to beating Willis at the video arcade game, which leads to him being late for school and getting into trouble. But after advce from Drummond, Arnold realises that he can do anything he wants to if he puts his mind to it. NOTES- This episode features a dream seuence with Arnold pretending he is in a game. The audience applaud (?) when Arnold wins the game. There are no script consultants or story editors for the first 2 episodes of this season.
100. In The Swim   3/5. Writer Blake Hunter. Kimberly decides that she really wants to go to Willis' public school, but Drummond is worried about her safety. Kimberly soon shows what she's made of when she decides to star a campaign for girls rights and ends up getting Willis into all kinds of "hot water." NOTES- This is the episode were Kimberly leaves Eastland to go to public school. Kimberly gets susspended.
101. Big Brother   3/5. Arnold meets a new kid in his class, who is lonely because he has no brothers or sisters to play with. Arnold decides to help him by introducing him to Willis, but having given up his Speilberg movie ticket and bed- Arnold begins to feel like a lonely only child, and runs away.
102. CYrano De Jackson   4/5. Dudley has fallen for a girl at school, Lisa but loses his nerve every time he wants to talk to her. He gets Arnold to help him, which leads to Arnold copying out love poetry, only to find that Lisa falls for him instead when she finds out who the writer is. NOTE- This is the first appearence of many of Nikki Swasey s Lisa Hayes. She is to be liked in this episode but in future episodes she would be seen as a rival.
103. Substitute Teacher   5/5. Miss Chung goes away on a training course, leaving Arnold and his friends with a substitute teacher. Thinking they can get away with an easy ride, they are shocked to meet the tall and strict Mr Wilkes who soon piles on the homework. The boys decide they have to get rid of him, by pretending that a practical joke they played led to Arnold being hit by him.
NOTE- This is the first of 2 appearences of Kareem Abdul Jubar as Mr Wilkes, the next one didn't come until the final season.
104. The Peacemaker   4/5. Rivalry takes place in Willis's school when rival gangs argue about a locker. Willis acts as go-between and soon finds himself in possetion of the key to the locker which is robbed. Believing himself to be in danger, Willis purchases a handgun leading to all kinds of problems. NOTE- This episode has not been shown recently in America or UK.
105. The Older Woman   1/5. Wilis decides that he wants a more mature relationship than the one he has with Charlene, so he decides to dress up with a moustache and go to a club with a friend. He ends up picking up a waitress, but his plans for a date with her do not go quite as well as he had planned.
106. Memories   4/5. Arnold and Willis get a surprice from their old landloard, and old case found in the old Harlem building. The case features some accesories, and a cassete player featuring a tape of Arnold's 5th birthday. Willis and Arnold seem happy to hear their mothers voice again, until it is discovered that Arnold hides the tape as he doesn't want to be reminded. Eventually, he deicides to needs to say goodbye to his mum properly and so visits her grave. NOTES- Arnold and Willis's old Harlem building is getting torn down. Betty Bridges (Todd's real life mum) does the voice of Mrs Jackson.
107. A Case Of Overexposure   1/5. Arnold gets ready to battle it out with Lisa in the class elections. Wilis and Kimberly enter a photography competition and Kimberly takes a revealing picture of Arnold which ends up in the papaer, and shortens his chances of winning the election.
108. Push Comes To Shove   1/5. Arnold has a run in with the new building manager's son leaving the Drummond to face up to his father, with a resulting punch. The family soon find themselves in trouble and in danger of having to leave the building.
109. The Executives   3/5. Writer Albert E Lewin. Drummond gives Wilis, Arnold and Kimberly after school jobs at his company. Willis is told by a friend that Drummond's company is prejudice against black people, so Willis poses as someone applying for a job, and when he doesn't get it fires the man. He then continues to exceed his bounds.
110. A Santa Problem   1/5. Arnold helps out a streetcorner santa Mr Morris, who isn't all that he seems. After finding out what a rich life Arnold has, the family's christmas looks set to dissapear unless the spirit of the season can bring it back. NOTE- The cast sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" over the end credits.
111. A Growing Problem   5/5. Writer Edd Jurist. Willis is determind to show what a man he is by drinking, but he soon finds out that drinking isn't quite what he thought. Despite seemingly learning his lesson, Willis sneaks out to a party and a subsequant run in with Drummond leads to Willis moving in with his friend Jerry. Willis finealy learns about the dangers of drinking the hard way.
112. Parents Have Rights, Too   4/5. Writer Martin Cohan. The gang plan a camping trip away for the weekend but Drummond comes up with a last minute personal change of plan, spending the weekend with his girlfriend. When the campig trip is rained off, Drummond finds he is left with a lot of explaining to do!
113. Indipendant Woman   4/5. Kimberly decides she wants to show her working indipendance by leaving Drummond's company to get her own job. She takes a job in a fast food place but soon leaves when she finds the manager trying to hit on her. But when the manager finds out about Kimberly's father, he soon decides she is worth some serious attention.
114. The Bicycle Man Part 1   5/5. Writer Blake Hunter. Arnold decides he really wants a new bike for his birthday from the local bicycle shop run my Mr Horton. Horton tells Arnold he can earn extras for his bike if he hands out flyers. Arnold lets Dudley in on the scheme, and the two end up spending a lot of time in the company of Horton, who unknown to them is really a child molestor. NOTES- The first in a 2 parter of the most controversial episodes of Diff'rent Strokes. Gordon Jump plays Mr Horton. Conrad Bain reads out a warning at the beginning. Horton shows the boys pornographic magazines and gives them food and wine. He also has Dudley take of hs shirt to play "Tarzan."
115. The Bicycle Man Part 2   5/5. Writer Blake Hunter. Kimberly and Willis become suspicious of Arnold when he has booze on his breath, and when Drummond and Ted Ramsey meet they know something is wrong. Arnold becomes suspicious of Horton and leaves, but Dudley is left with Horton getting ready to make his moves. NOTES- This is the concluding episode with another warning from Conrad Bain. Probably the most famous Strokes episode.
116. Family On Ice   5/5. Kimberly goes skating with the family and her talented skating catches the attention of Olympic skater Dorothy Hammel. Kimberly is put on a strict training programe by both Dorothy and Drummond, but it all leads up to a fantastic oppertunity of training in the olympics. NOTES- Dana Plato really did Ice Skate. It was round about this time that Dana said her ambition was to become a teacher.
117. Hall Monitor   4/5 Writer Marshall Goldberg. Kathy Gordon is excited when she transfers from her specialist school to Arnold's public school. She soon becomes dissapointed when she finds it hard to make frinds, so decides to use her position as hall monitor to get herself known. Arnold soon realises that having Kathy causing trouble at school is trouble for him, as he is set to loose his friendships with Dudley and Robbie. NOTES. This is Melanie Watson's 3rd appearence as Kathy. Although Kathy transfers to Arnold's school, she only ever apears there again once more. Kimberly is studying physcology.
118. The Cricket   2/5. Arnold is having a string of bad luck, so to stop it Drummond gets him a Japaniese good luck cricket. He soon regrets and looses sleep over his descision.
119. Roommates   2/5. Writer Howard Leeds. Willis feels he really needs to study for a forthcoming test and cannot do it whilst sharing a room with Arnold. As a compramise, Drummond lets Willis have his room for the week and moves in with Arnold. NOTES: There is an error in this episode, Arnold says he first came to live with the Drummonds aged 6 when it was actually 8- a pretty clumsy mistake considering the writer was head producer on the first season.
!20. The Reporter   5/5. There is a forthcoming SA contest at Arnold's school in which a student must write a report. After speaking to Robbie about drugs, Robbie says that there is someone in the school who sells drugs. Arnold meets him underover to get a scoop and so is convinced he has the perfect story fo his report, only to be told by headmaster Mr Wilkes that he cannot enter the story as it is all a pack of lies. Arnold tells the local paper about his story, which happens to be seen by First Lady Nancy Regan who pops by to help Arnold proove that his story is not made up and that there are drug problems among the young. NOTES: DS was used to promote the "Say no to drugs campaign" and this episode appeared on the front of the national TV guide. Pearl used to work in Washington.
121. Romeo and Juliet   2/5. With a forthcoming school production of Romeo and Juliet, the search is on to find who will play Shakespeare's great lover. When Lisa is declared as Juliet, suddenly Arnold is the only Romeo left in the running for the part. NOTE: Despite this being a 6th grade school play, the costumes are all proffecional.
122. My Fair Larry   2/5. School thug Crazy Larry wants Willis to teach him the best way to make it with girls, and decides that his first target should be Kimberly. NOTE: Andrew Dice Clay's 2nd and final appearence in the role of Crazy Larry.
Season 6
123. Rashomon 111   2/5. A burgler breaks into the Drummonds appartement, and amongst all the confusion he is caught, but by who? Drummond, Willis and Arnold al have their seperate stories to tell on what "really" happanned.
124. Where There's Smoke   5/5 Writer Bruce Taylor. Having started at high school, Arnold and Dudley are frustrated at not being noticed by older kids. After a suggestion from Drummond, they decide to meet up with some of the kids out of school who turn out to be smokers, and so does Dudley. After Arnold and Dudley both try out smoking they are forced to find out the real dangers from Dudley's dad Ted, who has gone into hospital for "minor knee surgery."
125. The Goat   4/5 Writers Robert Jayson & Dudley Johnson. It's first day at high school for Arnold and his friends, however Arnold soon finds he has a reputation that he has been stuck with as being "Willis Jackson's brother" and no matching up to that means that Arnold has to take drastic steps to be noticed.
126. The Lie   1/5. Arnold is put in charge of the school carnival, and he gives a job to Willis who is nearly responsable for Anold's death. NOTE: The big jokes in this episode are Willis and Dudley falling in water, a definate sign that episodes were getting weak. In my opinion, probably the worst episode.
127. Coming Of The Age   2/5 Writer Dawn Aldredge. Kimbrly is excited about her forthcoming 18th birthday and the trust fund that she will recieve. When Drummond finds out how she plans on using the money and leaving home, he soon changes his mind about what he wants for his daughter. NOTE: Although in this episode Kimberly announces she is leaving fo Italy, it is never mentioned again.
128.Mr T and Mr t   1/5. The A Team crew are planning to film in the appartement block, and when they see the Drummond appartement they decide to film in it. Arnold is keen to impress Dudley's cousin who has her heart set on Mr T, so Arnold decides to become a smaller Mr t. NOTE: Guest star is Mr T from the hit Universal show "The A Team."
129. Assert Yourself   1/5. Arnold is behind Dudley's campaign to become class president, but after some consideration Arnold decides to run against his best friend, only to learn that friendship and polatics do not go together.
130. Drafted   2/5. It is discovered that Arnold is in big trouble with the bank with overdraft, although Drummond is convinced the whole thing is a mistake.
131. The Van Drummonds   2/5. The Drummond family get ready for a busy week with the arrivals of their Dutch cousins Anna and her son Hans. Although at first seeming sweet and innocent, Willis and Arnold soon find Hans to be mischevious and soon gets them in hot water! NOTE: Anna is played by Conrad Bain dressed up as a woman and Hans is played by Dana Plato dressed up as a boy.
132. Mrs Z   2/5. Drummond is left to fear for his life when he gets threats made against his life. He feels more secure with poice protection, and a female bodyguard by the name of Mrs Z.
133. The Moonlighter   4/5. Arnold really likes his history teacher Mrs Jenkins and is doing better in the subject than ever. He is shocked when Robbie announces that she has been spotted working as a cocktail waitress- and is even more shocked to find out why she has to do it.
134. The Houseguest   4/5. Willis's girlfriend Charlene moves in with the Drummonds for a week after a bust up with her father. Although at first Willis sees her staying as a big advantage, he soon finds that they spend a lot of time arguing, and also that the 2 maybe don't get on as well as they thought. NOTE: Janet Jackson returns to play Charlene.
135. The Senior Class Queen   4/5. Kimberly feels it is unfair that girls are not able to join in different sports activities (continued from ep 100) and so decides to start standing up for female rights. This leads to trouble for Willis who is told he must show the females how silly they are and so enter the senior class quenn contest, or be thrown out of his club.
136. The Boyfriend   4/5. Kimberly is really close to her new boyfriend David, so close she decides that she wants to move in with him. As she knows Drummond would dissaproove, she decides to pretend she is moving in with her friend Michelle instead but when Drummond insists on seeing the flat, trouble occurs. NOTE: Kimberly announces she is getting married in this episode, though the character of her boyfriend never returns. This is the 2nd dead end situation for Kimberly this season.
137. Drummond's Lady               Description to follow...
138. The Hichhikers Part 1   4/5. Kimberly and Arnold are in for a shock, when unable to get a cab after a day's shopping in New York, they decide to take a ride from a seeminlgy nice man called Bill, until he persuades them back to his appartement...NOTE: Conrad Bain gives viewers a warning at the start of this episode just as he does in "The Bicycle Man."
139. The Hitchhikers Part 2   4/5. Arnold manages to escape from Bill's appartement and must remember its location to help Kimberly before it's too late.
140. Horray For Hollywood Part 1   5/5. After Maggie suddenly breaks off their relationship, Drummond follows her to Hollywood in an attempt to win her heart. The whole family join him on the trip to see the sights of Hollywood. Arnold and Dudley sneak away from the tour of Universal Studios to find their hero Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff) NOTE: David Hasselhoff and "Kitt" the car from Knight Rider both guest star.
141. Horray For Hollywood Part 2   4/5. Drummond meets Maggie's son Sam and faces a big descision while the rest of the family enjoy the sights of Universal Studios. NOTES: David Hasselhoff guest stars once again. Danny Cooksey makes his first appearence as Sam Mckinney. In a way, the second half of this episode is just an advert for Universal Studios.
142. The Wedding Part 1   5/5. Drummond and Maggie prepare for their big day with some nerves, but Arnold is far from happy at the prospect of a new little brother. NOTE: Robery Rockwell plays Drummond's lawyer Tom Bishop for the first time since season 4.
143. The Wedding Part 2   5/5. Many familure faces assemble for the big day as Phillip Drummond and Maggie Mckinney are married despite a few hiccups. NOTE: Many characters from earlier episodes return- Charlotte Rae as Mrs Garret, Nedra Volz as Adelaide, Dody Goodman as Sophia, Le Tari as Ted Ramsey, Janet Jackson as Charlene. Willis and Charlene talk of their desire to marry eachother some day.
144. The Honeymoon's Over   4/5. Drummond and Maggie happily return from their honeymoon, and Arnold is faced with the order to skip a party to babysit Sam.
145. The Bar Mitzvah Boy   5/5. When Maggie refrences going to church, Arnold becomes interested in religion and decides that, because of all the benefits, he wants to become Jewish. NOTES: Comedy legond Milton Behrle guest stars. Arnold and Willis return to their old church in Harlem. Dudley is said to be catholic and Robbie Jewish.
146. Kathy's Olympics   4/5. Arnold is put in charge of the money raised by everyone for Kathy's special olympics, but Maggie accidently throws it away leaving Arnold with a very big problem. NOTES: This is the fourth and finla appearence of Melanie Watson as Kathy Gordon. Todd Bridge's sister Verda Bridges features playing a teacher.

147. Bed Wetting   4/5. The family find out that Sam is wetting his bed, according to the Doctor because he is finding it hard to settle into a new family. The family shower him with love and affection which only leaves Sam feeling more unhappy. NOTE: There is an error in this episode, Arnold tells Sam a story about him and his favourite doll (episode 6) but calls the doll Fofo for some reason, when it was actually called Homer. There are now no existing crew members from the start of DS, Blake Hunter and Martic Cohan left to work on their own sitcom "Who's The Boss?"
148. Blue Collar Drummond   4/5. Drummond gets accused of being out of touch from his workers so decides to pose undercover as a blue collar worker. NOTE: Jack Riley who featured three times in the first season returns as the worker "Pete."
149. Undercover Lover   3/5. Willis falls in love with a new girl, only to discover that she is undercover trying to get rid of the drug problems in the school. NOTE: Todd Bridges did not make many appearences in season 7 having only previously missed one episode back in season 3.
150. Arnold's Strike   3/5. Arnold and his friends feel angry at a new set of rules forced by the school headmaster. Arnold decides to lead the protests and ends up getting suspended.
151. Tonsils   4/5. Sam is scared to go into the hospital to have his tonsils removed but Drummond assures him everything will be ok. Drummond then ends up becoming Sam's roommate for some minor knee surgery.
152. Arnold and Lisa's Mother   4/5. Arnold always makes fun of Lisa Hayes, but after meeting her stern mother, finds out that her unnatural behaviour could be for a good reason.
153. The Honourable Arnold J Jackson   2/5. Arnold must make the descision whether to help his friend Robbie in a school trial or to help a girl that he likes.
154. A Haunting We Will Go   1/5. Vetran actor Ray Bolger guest stars as Arnold and Sam pay a visit to a spooky house and end up getting a few surprises!

155. Arnold Saves The Squirrel   2/5. Sam's favourite television show "Sandy Squirrel" is cancaled to make way for Maggie's fitness show. Arnold eagerly tries to help the show get re-instated.

156. Sam's Father   3/5. Sam is faced with a huge decision when his Dad wants him to come and live with him and leave Maggie. At first Sam is very keen on the idea until he starts to miss home.

157. Carmella Meets The Gooch   1/5. A new girl called Carmella moves in upstairs, she has a crush on Willis and dislikes Arnold. Arnold and Sam are forced to turn to her for help when the Gooch returns, this time to cause Sam problems.

158. Arnold's Songbird   4/5. Arnold is elected presidant of the school show on condition that he can get Mr T along. When Arnold admits he can't, he quickly has to turn to enemy Carmella for some help to find a famous face.

159. Arnold The Entrepreneur NS

160. US Olympic Gymnasts   4/5. Drummond gets the 1984 American Olymipcs team to come to Willis's school, and Willis manages to help a disabled friend who was once a great athlete. NOTE: This is the first of four episodes without Gary Coleman who was having a kidney operation.

161. Sam Adopts A Grandparent   2/5. Sam links up in a local scheme in which children and elderly people work together but cannot understand why his partner takes no interest.

162. Baseball Blues   4/5. Sam persuades Drummond to coach his baseball team. When the team cannot win a game, Drummond decides he must drop Sam from the team much to his heartbreak. Baseball player Lance Merdock guest stars.

163. Sams New Pal   1/5. Sam makes a new friend, and is shocked to find out she is a girl. Drummond is worried when Sam wants to host a sleepover.

164. Happy Birthday Drummond   5/5. It's Drummonds birthday and Maggie and Sam get him a special present, Kimberly who returns from Paris! Willis and Arnold decide as a present to change their name to Drummond, but after a visit to their collapsed former Harlem home- Willis has second thoughts. NOTE: Dana Plato returns with a guest appearence.

165. Russian Embassy NS

166. Cheers To Arnold   5/5. A new boy in school Ricky starts drinking on a reguler basis. Arnold, Dudley and Robbie sample it but after feeling severly ill Arnold promises never to drink again. However, Arnold's attempts to stop Ricky drinking lead to him getting caught in the bathroom with a botle of Vodka in a special episode dealing with teenage alcahol abuse.NOTE: This is the first appearence of Bobby Jacoby as Ricky.

167. A Camping We Will Go NS

168. Beauty In The Eyes of Arnold 3/5   Writers Robert Jayson & Dudley Johnson. Dudley and Ricky preassure Arnold into going out with a girl he really doesn't want to, since they believe she is much prettier than the "ugly duckling" that he really enjoys spending time with. Arnold has to decide if it is more important to date the girl he wants or the one that others want him to.

169. Street Smarts 4/5   Story Gary Coleman, Writer Bruce Taylor. On his way home from school, Arnold is mugged in the street in broad daylight. Although Arnold isn't prepared to make a big deal out of it, Drummond worries that Arnold is keeping his feelings locked inside and that he has been really scared by the whole experiance.   NOTE: Gary Coleman came up with the storyline for this episode, no other cast member was ever involved in writing.

170. A Special Friend 4/5   Arnold and Sam befriend a street entertainer, but when she has an eccileptic fit infront of them- they are to embarrased to meet with her again while she feels she has lost another two friends because of her problem. NOTE: In his episode, Pearl is said to have used to been eccileptic. She also says that nobody except Drummond ever gave her a chance at a job which is wrong since other episodes said she worked in Washington and with the Regans.

Season 8-

171. Love on The Run 2/5   Arnold and Sam worry that with their parents spending more time apart they may seperate, so decide they must come up with a plan to keep the family together. NOTE: Mary Ann Mobley replaced Dixie Carter as Maggie in the final season, reportedly because Gary Coleman got her fired. The final season switched from NBC to ABC. Only two episodes in the final season featured the whole cast. 

172. Bully For Arnold 2/5   Bully Herman puts Arnold in charge of looking after his girlfriend while Arnold wants to know the reason of his odd behaviour.

173. Arnolds Job NS

174. Sams Missing Part 1 5/5   The family are re-decorating the appartement and changing it from the way it had always been. Arnold sends Sam out to buy some potatoe chips, whilst he is out he runs into the father of a family who have just lost their eldest son and so the man takes Sam home to his family, telling them that he was a homeless boy discovered on the streets. Meanwhile the Drummonds are desperate to find Sam and get looking...  NOTE: This two parter was originally broadcast as the season opener on ABC. The whole cast including Dana Plato appear for the only time of the season.

175. Sams Missing Part 2 5/5   Sam begins to feel very homesick and is threatned that his parents will be killed if he tries to escape. The Drummond's become desperate and offer a big cash reward, and eventually Sam is able to make a phone call...

176. Its My Party and Ill Cry If I want To NS

177. Willis Goes To College 4/5   Willis takes a big step when he leaves home to go to college. Having said a moving goodbye to the family, he finds that college life may be a lot harder than he had thought and begins to decide that he may not want to stick to college after all.

178. A Tale of Two Teachers 3/5   After cheating on a test, Arnold is ordered to do a class report on Dicken's "Tale of Two Cities" and soon finds that he loves the book, but can't seem to get the class to see it his way. NOTE: Kareem Abdul Jubar re-appers as teacher Mr Wilkes following on from episode 103.

179. Speak No Evil 3/5   Writer Glenn Padnick. Arnold finds out that a racist group are planning to speak at the school, and along with Dudley and Charlie is looking forward to throwing things at them. Drummond however, refuses to allow Arnold to do so as it would be invading the right of free speech. The issue ends up creating quite a large dispute in the household.

180. So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star 3/5

181. Bulimia 5/5

182. Arnolds Bad Rep 3/5

183. Arnolds Initiation

184. Sams Big Brother 2/5

185. Arnolds Tangled Web 1/5

186. Lifestyles of The Poor and Unknown   2/5

187. The Big Bribe NS

188. The Photo Club NS

189. The Front Page   3/5


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