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Welcome to the news section, keeping you up to date on Diff'rent Strokes and its cast.

New news items are in bold, older news items are in standard colour.


Gary Coleman is running for govenor in Calafornia! "I thought (the recall) was a joke. They thought it was a joke. And I thought, hey, why not," Coleman, 35, told CNN. "I'm probably the least qualified for the job, but I'll have some great people around me."
He is running against other celebraties such as Schwarzenegger, Huffington and Gallagher.

The Diff'rent Strokes theme is being used in a British Iced Tea commercial. The slogan of the campaign is "you never know what you'll like until you try it."

Nedra Volz who played Adalaide Brubaker, 2nd housekeeper on the show from 1980-1982 has died at the age of 91.

Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges were recently reunited at TV Land awards on 11th of March.

Diff'rent Strokes in airing locally in some parts of America and is once again on Trouble in UK.

I apolagise for not doing anything new on the site recently- but there will be more on the way soon!

TNN are stopping DS from September the 2nd leaving it without a hme on US television. Despite my prediction, Trouble will continue to air DS in October, continuing to loop seasons 3, 4 and 5 over and over. I intend to write to them again soon to request them to show the last 3 season.

Diff'rent Strokes theme song is available on TV Land's new themes CD.

There is a new article from a 1982 Look-In magazine in the articles section, and the TV Times section has also been updated. There are more updates to come soon.

Although I never saw it, aparantly the Rerun show took the mick out of DS and its castmembers- including Dana.

Dana Plato's new memorial site is now open! It is written and nicely designed by former Diff'rent Strokes writer Brian Keith Moody who worte on the episode "Memories." Check it out at-


TNN are adding another 2 episodes to their daily shedule! During August, they will be playing double bills of season 1 from 12pm-1pm meaning there will be 4 episodes on per day. Episode details coiming soon to TV times section in the meantime you an look at the storylines in the episode guide section.

Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman are to make cameos in the "Rerun" show on NBC. Todd in The Jeffersons and Gary in The Facts Of Life.

The Cast Information Section is now open featuring basic details on the cast, more in depth and pictures coming soon!

The Gary Coleman picture Gallery is now open, with gallerys for the other characters coming along soon!


I got this E-Mail from Trouble today-

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email to Trouble TV.

Unfortunately we still have no plans of showing further series of 'Diff'rent Strokes'.
I will put through a request to our programming team for you and ask them to look into this for you.

I have added a picture gallery with pictures from Music Man, Family on Ice and Bulimia. Loads more pictures soon!

Todd Bridges is to appear on the soap "The Young and The Restless."

Shavar Ross's "On The Set Of Diff'rent Strokes tape is now available at Tri7entertainment.com for on 7.77! Look for my review on the page, soon to come on to this page!

Gary Coleman recently appeared on the ITV show After They were Famous in England with a brand new interview.
Check out my review coming very soon!

I think we're all fed up with TNN and trouble skipping "controversial episodes" that were considered suitable for air 20 years ago and not now. Why not E-Mail them and let them know what you think?

The Rerun show is coming this summer on NBC, featuring a group of people dressed up as characters to act out the episode 35 "The Rivals."

There is now a whole lot of Dana Plato memorabelia for sale including caps, aprons and T-Shirts!
Go to-

Other related news is that Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges featurre in "Mobys" music video "We are all made of stars" sitting at a table together.

Lots more to come to this site very soon.

By the way, please let me know feedback so that I know what will be good to add to the site!
Be sure to come back soon!
Thanks for looking,

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