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Cast Info

Find out information about the cast and crew of Diff'rent Strokes.

Conrad Bain
Canadian twin Conrad Bain is now 79 years old. His only TV appearence since 1990 has been in "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" were he played the role of  Mr Drummond. Conrad was also originally involved in the development of Diff'rent Strokes and he also starred in the 70's sitcom "Maude." He has been married for 50 years with 4 children and is the ONLY Diff'rent Strokes castmember to appear in every single episode.
Gary Coleman
Gary has had an interesting, up and down career which has seen much happiness and missery. He was  firstcast on DS (when he was 11 years old) to play a 8 year old. He had been sighned by Tandem productions and had appeared in the Little Rascles and The Jeffersons. He was born with a kidney prolem which results in the fact that he will always be small and always have chubby cheeks. He rose to fame in the early 80's and by the end of DS in 1986 he was worth an estimated 18 Million Dollars!
Coleman's riches soon vanished, due to various tax problems etc. He sued his parents for mis-handling his funds and won 1.1 Million Dollars, though at the same time lost the love of his parents and still couldn't get back most of his money. In the 90's he had to begin taking normal jobs to support himself- most famously a security guard. In the last couple of years he has guest appeared on shows like The Simpsons, Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids. and now also writes an advice column on ugo.com. Most recently, he has appeared on Moby's music video "We are all made of stars" and will appear in NBC's the "Rerun" show.
Todd Bridges
Todd first rose to fame on the sitcom "Fish" spunoff from Barney Miller and so didn't even need an audition to get the part of Willis on DS. He soon became a teen heart throbe in the early 80's despite his unhappy home life. His first problems with the law came in 1983 when he was arrested for reckless driving. When DS finished, Todd found it hard to get other work and took to drink and drugs. He was in prison more than once in the early 90's and was also involved in a shooting insident but was found not guilty of murder.
In the last couple of years, Todd has had some good luck. He is married with a child and now acts and Directs movies. He also saved a woman's life last year.
Most recently he has returned to acting in the soap "The Young and The Restless" as well as appearing in Moby's music video and the "Rerun" show.  
Dana Plato
Dana Plato had done several commercials before she was picked to play Kimberly on DS. In 1984 she was sacked from the show when she got pregnant, but returned occasionally in later episodes. ana showed off her talents on DS including singing, Ice skating, and of course, acting!  Dana found things hard after DS, a series of failed relationships and hardships. She was even turned down for a job cleaning toilets. In the later 90's she appeared in the adult movie "Different Strokes" which was a lezbian porn film. She appeared on Howard Stern's show in 1999 and was heavily critisised about her life by listeners. The next day she was found dead- it is unkown wether it was suicide or accidental though the finger of blame has often been pointed. Dana left behind a son Tyler and generations of addoring fans.
Charlotte Rae, Shavar Ross, Steven Mond, Danny Cooksey, Dixie Carter all to follow soon.  

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