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Trivia & Quotes

  • Out of all the male DS kids- Arnold, Willis, Sam, Dudley, Robbie, Charlie only 1 is NOT married- Gary Coleman


  • The ONLY castmember to appear in all 189 episodes of DS was Conrad Bain


  • DS had one spinoff show "Facts Of Life" and one crossover show "Hello Larry."


  • DS's spinoff Facts Of Life ran one year longer than Diff'rent Strokes did.


  • DS moved to ABC for its final season after it was dropped by NBC.


  • Guest stars on the show included Muhammed Ali, Nancy Regan, Mr T, David Hasslehoff, Molly Ringwald.


  • The creators of Silver Spoons (Howard Leeds, Ben Starr, Martin Cohan) met as producers on Diff'rent Strokes as did the creators of Who's The Boss (Blake Hunter, Martin Cohan)



More Trivia and Quotes coming soon.

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