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Diff'rent Strokes Fansite
 What u talkin bout Willis!

UPDATE Diff'rent Strokes is back on UKTV!

For the first time since the early part of the decade, UK channel Trouble are airing DS again. They are currently on season 3. Weekdays at 2pm repeated at 6pm.

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Welcome to my Diff'rent Strokes Fansite! One of the only sites on the internet dedicated to the cult long running sitcom 1978-1986. I first opened this site because there are very few other sites about the show on the web despite its large cult following and it is one of my all time favourite shows.

I am hoping to add several new articles in the near future, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Phillip Drummond- Conrad Bain
Arnold Jackson- Gary Coleman
Willis Jackson- Todd Bridges
Kimberly Drummond- Dana Plato
Mrs Edna Garret- Charlotte Rae
Adelaide Brubaker- Nedra Volz
Pearl Gallaher- Mary Jo Catlett
Maggie Drummond- Dixie Carter,
              Mary Ann Mobley
Sam Mcinney- Danny Cooksey
Dudley Ramsey- Shavar Ross
Robbie Jayson- Steven Mond
Tom Bishop- Robert Rockwell
Aunt Sophia- Dody Goodman
Lisa Hayes- Nikki Swasey
Ted Ramsey- Le Tari
Charlene Duprey- Janet Jackson
Charlie- Jason Hervey
Kathy Gordon- Melanie Watson
Ricky- Boby Jacoby

Diff'rent Strokes

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