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Diff'rent Strokes on Columbia House

Diff'rent Strokes was once available on 10 unedited videos that were available to buy at www.columbiahouse.com
Here are the episodes contained on each volume-
Tape 1 - Moving In and Out
Movin' In
The Social Worker
Mother's Last Visit
The Relative

Tape 2 - Arnold
The Spanking
Goodbye, Dolly
The Trial
The New Landlord

Tape 3 - Willis
The Club Meeting
Willis's Privacy
The Job
The Squealer

Tape 4 - Watchyoo Talkin' Bout?
Prep School
Arnold's Girlfriend (Part 1)
Arnold's Girlfriend (Part 2)
Guess Who?

Tape 5 - Crime
Getting Involved
Hot Watch
The Bank Job (Part 1)
The Bank Job (Part 2)

Tape 6 - Lessons LEarned
The Tutor
Birds and Bees
The Magician
Count Your Blessings

Tape 7 - Mr. Drummond
The Election
Friendly Mate
Football Father
Drummond's Fair Lady

Tape 8 - Family Roots
The Ancestor
Room for One More
Hello Daddy

Tape 9 - Kimberly
Little Mother
The Model
The Ski Weekend
Green Hair

Tape 10 - Kissin' 'n' Huggin'
Teacher's Pet
First Love
Double Date
Have I Got a Girl For You

These tapes occasionally show up on ebay or Amazon Marketplace.

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